Alumni Insights 04 – Akmal Fareed & Hafiz Salihin: ACCA in 2 Years!

Completing ACCA in 2 years is no ordinary feat. Buckle up to read this special interview with Akmal Fareed and Hafiz Salihin where they share with us their inspiring stories in enduring this difficult yet greatest journey of their life.


Lecturers’ Insights: Teaching As a Profession

‪“Should I go for one of the Big Four firms or start small at a medium-sized firm?” ‬

‪Well, have you ever thought of becoming a lecturer? This article will give you an insight into the unconventional yet inspiring career option – teaching!‬

Of SME and Starting Up Your Own Firm!

“Small, medium, or big entity are just sizes. They are all platforms for you to learn the trades and prosper”. A dream come true, Mr. Nazim now has an accounting firm with his own name on the wall. A truly inspiring and insightful story!