Up Close & Professional: Norsyamira Arina

IM Crew was given a chance to interview Norsyamira Arina Binti Adzmi, an outstanding CIMA student of UiTM Shah Alam who received the Malaysian Prizewinner for P2 – Advanced Management Accounting 2016 Exam.


Of SME and Starting Up Your Own Firm!

“Small, medium, or big entity are just sizes. They are all platforms for you to learn the trades and prosper”. A dream come true, Mr. Nazim now has an accounting firm with his own name on the wall. A truly inspiring and insightful story!

14Talks2: #BornThisWay

Good grades, check. Sports activities, nailed it. Speaking in public? Oh no!

Funny how the word “Public Speaking” can have such a huge impact on a student’s nervous system. Stage fright. Mortification. Mental paralysis. Panic attack. Hang in there fellow 14 friends, the APAcS Toastmasters Club has introduced 14Talks as an interesting way to overcome such feelings, and this is their second time hosting it!