#DearChronicles Vol. 03 – “Get Up and Do Something”

Dear Chronicles, 

By J

10.47am, 7th July

I sit here on the sofa in a corner of my living room. The cats are minding their own business, undoubtedly tired from all the running earlier this morning. My sisters aren’t home, instead they have classes to attend and dorms to register for.

It’s a peculiar thing, really. To be alone with your thoughts. I mean sometimes it can get scary and I simply drown it out with music. Other times, like right now, I’m left with a nagging certainty that at the end of the day, I’d rather not feel like I’ve wasted a perfectly good day. A free day. A Friday.

There’s also the fact that next week is the last Famous Amos cookie in the jar that is our semester break.

So before we know it, we’ll be back at 14. Except let’s not talk about later. The million dollar question is… “What do we do with now?

Obviously the answer will be your own. You may already have plans. It’s the start of the weekend after all.

If you don’t, though, well, what are you waiting for?


#DearChronicles is a new column introduced to invite our readers, whoever you may be, to write, share and inspire!

Submit your writings to imcrew14@gmail.com.
For any enquiries, please contact Adibah Faizal – 016 774 4431


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