#DearChronicles Vol 04. – “That Time I Failed”

Dear Chronicles,

By Lurah

Back in school, I’ve always gotten away with studying at the last hour for exams and still get amazing results. My results, in fact, were always better than most of my friends’ and I was never not on the top 3 of my classes.

I hardly did my homework, or had my own short colorful notes (which most girls do but keep getting average results anyway), but I would get a lot of A’s in exams.

My friends thought I was smart, but trust me I wasn’t. They’re dumber than me, that’s all. You know, “in the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king“.

Anyway. This was still the case when I started doing CAT. Not that I was ever top of the class, but I would cram everything the night right before the exams and still passed them. I graduated CAT with the VC’s Award.

Now you wonder if it would still work in ACCA. Given ACCA’s prestige and reputation, one would think their exams would be formulated such that they’d be proof to cramming and anything short of consistent effort.

Well up to F6, I still managed to come out well and alive. So, yeah, to that extent, I’d say it still did work. Or maybe I was just lucky the first 3 papers were rather easy to spot.

But they say “the pitcher goes too often to the well it’s finally broken”. When I got to F7, last-minute cramming didn’t work anymore. F7 exposed and undid me, I was laid bare and screwed. Imagine getting away with it the whole of my life and suddenly there I was, all these accounting standards thrown at my face, not knowing where or how to start.

Let’s just say that I only passed my F7 after attempting it more than thrice. Lol. And there’s no way on earth you could cram F8 or F9 in one night too! Now, I’m still struggling to pass my final two papers.

Leaving it at that, what I’m trying to say is, if you’re a me, and you’re still surviving, let me do the honour of breaking it to you that you WILL run out of your midnight oil, sooner or later.

And when you do, switching to a more disciplined and consistent studying style wouldn’t be a walk in the park. The more used you are to that slacking roti canai life, the harder it’d be to change, so start now!

And remember that the endgame here isn’t just the qualification, it’s also about what it does to us as a person in the process. It’s about how we get there.

At work, learning agility, the ability to be flexible and to deliver under pressure and constraints sure are essential must-haves that could help us survive. But so are consistency and discipline – these aren’t values we can do without. And they can’t be forged overnight.

If you failed an exam you’d get your dad to pay for the next time you attempt it, and then pass it with a 52% and you’re good to go. But bring that attitude to when you work, and life’d be a struggle you didn’t sign up for. You don’t want that.






Editor’s Note: Happy birthday, Lu!


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