Melaka International Intellectual Exposition (MIIEx) 2016

APAcS Star shined its way to an international platform. Nazrin Kamarul Bahrain shares with us the importance of believing in our own ideas which has lead to the culmination of APAcS Star’s success; winning bronze at MIIEx 2016


Alumni Insights 03 – Syafizatt Ehsan

This Audit Assistant Manager at KPMG loves his job! Syafizatt Ehsan shares with us his passion in audit and what keeps him going despite the challenges that comes with the job

14Talks2: #BornThisWay

Good grades, check. Sports activities, nailed it. Speaking in public? Oh no!

Funny how the word “Public Speaking” can have such a huge impact on a student’s nervous system. Stage fright. Mortification. Mental paralysis. Panic attack. Hang in there fellow 14 friends, the APAcS Toastmasters Club has introduced 14Talks as an interesting way to overcome such feelings, and this is their second time hosting it!