This article covers a wide range of frequently asked questions regarding ACCA, specifically ACCA in UiTM. If your question is unanswered, feel free to leave a comment and we’ll do our best to help you!


ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) is the global body for professional accountants which carries the qualification that allows its members to be recognized internationally. Global recognition is very important as it indicates an utmost level of financial expertise to be competent and relevant in the industry.


• Added value to the students

ACCA provides greater flexibility to the students where it offers a full-time or part-time or distance learning. Students will be able to complete their studies according to their own preferred pace. ACCA also provides a flexible entry requirements to those who interested (refer Pathway and Duration).

Professional status
Enrolling in one year CAT (Certified Accounting Technician) program as your choice of study path right after SPM enables you to further step up into ACCA journey and completed them within three years time. This will give you a chance to be recognized as a professional certified accountant as you turn 21! Isn’t it interesting?

Worldwide recognition
Joining ACCA will give you an upper hand as this body establishes a strong connection with other professional organizations such as MICPA, MIA, etc. Therefore, this wider view will equip students with a total skill set and strengthen their foundation in the professional working world.

• Career Prospects

“Malaysian Institute of Accountants president Johan Idris said: “The accounting profession is practically recession-proof. Professional accountants are much sought after the world over. As a career choice, accountancy has the knack for attracting opportunities all around.” An accountant’s knowledge is especially invaluable to organisations when it comes to assessing their financial performance and health. Whether it’s a small firm or a multinational corporation, qualified accountants are depended upon in steering the business and therefore, bringing the organisation en route to success.” – An excerpt from New Straits Time during an interview on Seminar for Accounting Teachers and Counsellors



There are 9 papers to be completed by  CAT students.

  • FA1 Recording Financial Transactions
  • MA2 Management Information
  • FA2 Maintaining Financial Records
  • MA2 Managing Costs and Finance
  • FAB Accountant in Business
  • FFA Financial Accounting
  • FMA Management Accounting

Optional papers (any 2 from 3)

  • FAU Foundation In Audit
  • FFM Foundations in Financial Management
  • FTX Foundations in Taxation

*The only options provided at UiTM are FFM and FTX

There are 14 ACCA papers to be completed by students. These papers can be further divided into four groups and three levels.

Knowledge level
o F1 Accountant in Business
o F2 Management Accounting
o F3 Financial Accounting

*Papers F1, F2 and F3 are exempted for students who have completed FAB, FMA and FFA and therefore are not provided at UiTM.

• Skills level
o F4 Corporate and Business Law
o F5 Performance Management
o F6 Taxation
o F7 Financial Reporting
o F8 Audit and Assurance
o F9 Financial Management

*These nine papers of Fundamental Level are equivalent to degree in Accounting

• Essentials level
o P1 Governance, Risk and Ethics
o P2 Corporate Reporting
o P3 Business Analysis

Important Note:
– P1 and P3 to be replaced with Strategic Business Leader paper beginning September 2018.
– P2 to be replaced with Strategic Business Reporting paper beginning September 2018.

• Options (any 2 from 4)
o P4 Advanced Financial Management
o P5 Advanced Performance Management
o P6 Advanced Taxation
o P7 Advanced Audit and Assurance

Do visit the ACCA website to find our more on any changes and updates.


ACCA is now progressing towards the application of CBE (Computer-based Examinations) which is an innovative approach to reflect the modern working world to the students. Therefore, CBE is available effective from July 2015 Foundation Level papers (CAT) and papers F1-F3 will only be available through CBEs in Malaysia.

There are four exam sittings in a year:
– March
– June
– September
– December


This is compulsory to be completed in addition to the Ethics module and the 14 exam papers taken by the students in order to complete their journey as a qualified ACCA member. Students need to complete 36 months of PER and exhibit their skills within the working world environment.

Click here to read more about PER


• Initial registration £79
• Annual subscription £95
• Exam fees (varies according to entries and levels)

Click here to view ACCA fees and charges in Malaysia



chronicles 3


Offering ACCA programme since 1967 and CAT programme since 2002, UiTM certainly has come a long way. From the initial efforts of creating awareness, finding sponsors for students and enrichment of teaching and learning, UiTM has proven its ability to produce high quality graduates that are very much sought after in the industry while strengthen its establishment as a world-class institution in educating professional accountants.

In June 2010, ACCA has awarded UiTM’s Accountancy Faculty the Platinum status as an approved learning provider. UiTM is the first university in Malaysia to have received this recognition. Platinum status is the highest and most prestigious level of the qualification. Platinum approved learning providers adhere to the highest standards to provide students with the best possible chance of success and are required to provide evidence of continual improvement and innovation.

Through the continuous supply of professional graduates to the industry for nearly half a century, UiTM has successfully bridging the gap between students and future employers. This vision is achieved through creative initiatives such as Ambassadorship Programme under the Association of Professional Accounting Students (APAcS)

The much-celebrated programme that will be celebrating its 4th year anniversary is an attempt to bring the Big 4 accounting firms in the world i.e. EY, PwC, Deloitte, KPMG as well as BDO closer to the students. A number of students will act as an ambassador to their respective firms and are able to connect and communicate with the representatives from the firms directly. Through the programme, activities such as firms visit, annual dinner, open floor, talks, charity run and accounting sport carnival were able to be conducted in collaboration with the firms’ members.

It is in our mission to not only produce professional qualified Bumiputera accountants but also in creating highest quality workforce and inspiring minds to bring the nation to a higher level.


chronicles 1Nurul Nabilah Binti Abdul Jalil

ACCA Prize Winner (June 2016 Examinations) Paper P2 (Corporate Reporting)
Placing : 1 (Malaysia), 6 (World)

chronicles 2Siti Aisah Kamarulzaman

Best Graduates Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) Malaysia and the 7th best in the world for June 2013 Examination Session


chronicles 3Khalid Kamarulzaman

Best Graduates Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) Malaysia for June 2012 Examination Session



If you have completed your CAT (Certified Accounting Technician), you can proceed to ACCA with 3 papers (F1-F3) to be exempted with approximately 3 years to complete all papers.

If you have Bachelor of Accountancy (Hons), you can make your way to ACCA beginning with Professional Level papers with estimated completion time of 1-1.5 years.

If you are a graduate from Diploma in Accountancy, you will be granted the exemptions on F1-F4 papers and complete your ACCA within 2.5-3 years time.

Entry Requirements for CAT in UiTM

Entry Requirements for ACCA in UiTM


Not inclusive of ACCA fees;

UiTM’s course fee (Yuran Pengajian) – RM580 per semester.
UiTM’s accommodation fee (Yuran Kolej) – RM210 per semester


UiTM Study Grant

UiTM does not provide any form of sponsorship or scholarship for CAT and ACCA students. However, students could apply for study grant – this study grant is a form of monetary assistance where the final examination fees are borne by UiTM. This aid is only granted to students who applies for the grant and successfully fulfils certain criteria required in order to be eligible to receive the grant.

Kindly refer below to view the requirements of applying UiTM’s study grant:

Screen Shot 2018-02-05 at 3.36.30 PM.png

Screen Shot 2018-02-05 at 3.30.08 PM.png
Study grant application is open every semester for all existing students. Don’t forget to follow APAcS’ Facebook and Twitter @apacs14 for updates.

Students could also try applying for scholarships, sponsorships or financial assistance from other institutions/loan provider. Here’s a few example that you could try!


Accommodation is provided for first semester CAT students. Accommodation for second semester CAT students and ACCA students are provided upon re-application. However, application and acceptance are at the discretion of Bahagian Hal Ehwal Pelajar and not the management of Department of Professional Accountancy Studies.

KOLEJ SEROJA (Female Students)
Bahagian Hal Ehwal Pelajar
Universiti Teknologi MARA
40450 Shah Alam

Telefon: 03-5544 3550 
Faks : 03-5544 3552

KOLEJ PERINDU (Male Students)
Bahagian Hal Ehwal Pelajar
Universiti Teknologi MARA
40450 Shah Alam

Telefon : 03-5544 3658
Faks : 03-5544 3638


The application to enroll in the CAT course in UiTM needs to be done online.

You need to buy professional UiTM pin number from BSN (RM 17) and;

Follow these steps:

> 1. Go to
> 2. On the left hand side, choose “BORANG PERMOHONAN”
> 3. Choose “PROFESSIONAL”
> 5. Under “BIASA”, choose “LEPASAN SPM”
> 7. Fill in your information

Any further information, please visit

or kindly visit the Association of Professional Accounting Student (APAcS)‘ official page for the latest update!


Who knows what the future has in store for you!


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