This online version of Chronicles was recently established just last year, in February 2016. Initiated by the IM Crew 15/16, it was brought into the 14 picture by Ahmad Luqman and Alya Jasmine as Content Editors.

Previously, it was in the form of a printed magazine and then it was made into an e-book for many reasons. Now, the best fit is this platform, WordPress. Perhaps soon, it’ll be its own website! You’ll have to wait and see.

The driving factor behind Chronicles is to capture memories made amongst our student community throughout the years. So many events have been and will continue to be held by APAcS, the Big 5 Ambassadors, 14Care, APAcS Toastmasters and UCISCO. This online platform is much like the preceding magazine ; it records our activities and achievements as students and so forth. It just happens to be more accessible and mobile.

For all the support shown to the IM CREW of 2015/2016, we would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to our lecturers, staff, sponsors, contributors and not to forget our beloved friends at 14. We could not have done it without everyone’s help and guidance.

This post marks the end of IM Crew 2015/2016 and thus, we pass it on to the new term of IM Crew 2016/2017. It has been a great year, truly.

On behalf of my colleagues, I would like to say thank you very much and all the best in your future endeavours. I hope your support doesn’t end here and that Chronicles will always be a part of life at Level 14.


Nur Amalia
Head Of IM Crew 15/16


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