APAcS 16/17 Elections – The Candidates

This Friday, you have to make time for the elections because as a Level 14 student, you have an influence on the next APAcS’ leadership.

Our friends have stepped up, taking this opportunity to make themselves better and in similar importance, make Level 14 better. We interviewed the contesting candidates for a chance to find out what they have up their sleeves for APAcS 16/17.


Alya Jasmine, Ismail Hakim and Syed Farhad are contending against each other for the presidential position. Rahman, on the other hand, runs for VP-ship. We asked them, “How do you aspire to contribute to the association, and Level 14 at large?”

Alya Jasmine / AJ
5th semester of ACCA

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“My ultimate aim is to make APAcS the most influential student body in Malaysia. Ambitious? Yes. Impossible? No!

I shall do this through an immaculate framework of a strategic plan and its proper operational execution called The APAcS Trifecta. My emphasis is on collaborations – both within and beyond our beloved Level 14.

So vote for AJ, your next legendary APAcS president who talks the talk and walks the walk!”

Ismail Hakim
4th semester of ACCA

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“Fresh NEW ideas – New programmes and initiatives, new excitements!

Broadened industrial engagements – Maintain and enhance engagements with corporate bodies for more exposure to career insights and opportunities

Social Responsibility projects – Provide opportunities for students to engage and give back to the community

People oriented activities – Create better bonding between us

Enhanced cohesiveness of APAcS, UCISCO, 14Care, student ambassadors, IM Crew and APTC.

I’m excited to share more about these with you, so see you on Friday!”

Syed Mohammad Farhad
Managerial level of CIMA

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“The primary objective of APAcS should be to serve the students and prepare them for the future. Given the opportunity to be president, I believe together we can create a framework for success by ensuring that all students graduate on time and are able to secure gainful employment upon graduation.

Through teamwork and collaboration by students with APAcS, its wings and just the right amount of leadership, we can turn this vision into reality.”

Abdul Rahman Amsyar
3rd semester of ACCA

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“As Vice President, I aim to bring improvement to the relationship among our students. I want to foster more meaningful interactions and encourage acceptance of each other. 

Let’s have a Level 14 where we no longer only know each other as someone who we pass by along corridors. 

With the influence that the position bears, I will make sure that reasonable resources are allocated to making this mission a reality, and inshaAllah with good intention, good things shall come to us.”


To the secretarial and treasury candidates, we asked them to share about their most significant strengths and how these strengths will be useful for the positions they will potentially carry.

Nur Syamira
3rd semester of ACCA

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“I’m very determined, committed and I am always ready for any tasks given to me. As a potential secretary, I’m aware that it’s not an easy job but with these traits, I know I can do it!”

Aqeela Ahmad
3rd semester of ACCA

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“I have experienced being a secretary for a previous APAcS project, among others. This job, honestly, is my cup of tea. Besides being good at writing, I am also an optimistic and punctual person. Given the chance to be a part of this family as a secretary, I aspire to be integral in achieving APAcS’ goals and objectives.”

Ahmad Azwan Arif
5th semester of ACCA

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“Leadership by example. I will bring positive vibes to committee members and accouting family to ensure every moment together is memorable.”

Raja Nisa Balqis
4th semester of ACCA

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“I am factual, punctual and organised. I am capable to present information with facts and evidence, with sound understandability and systematic order. I believe these are important abilities expected of a potential APAcS secretary.”


Nurlailamalina Azwa
4th semester of ACCA

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“I am extremely meticulous especially in handling money. Thus, I will ensure that all flows of our funds will be recorded accurately, on a timely basis.”

Nurul Shahida
3rd semester of ACCA

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“Being a meticulous and methodical person, I am able to complete my work within the given time with the best quality. I’m ready to learn and I’m not afraid to change my ways for better improvement.”

So these are only their answers to one question we asked. Find out more about their visions for APAcS this Friday at the elections. To the candidates, we wish you all the best and to our fellow friends at Level 14, our sincere advice is simply to focus on the relevant criteria and calibre when casting your determinant votes.

Here’s to an impactful leadership that nurtures continuous improvement.. for all of us.

– Consolidated and edited by Ahmad Luqman. 



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