Employers’ Insights 01 – Deloitte

To start off our new series, Employers’ Insights, we had the opportunity to interview Sunita Kaur, Deloitte Malaysia’s Senior Talent Engagement Manager of Human Resources.

As you read on, you will be enlightened about career opportunities at Deloitte; the type of graduates that Deloitte looks for, Deloitte’s unique initiatives and commitment as an employer, and more.

1. During the application screening process, what would particularly make a candidate stand out and gain a higher chance of being shortlisted?

For entry-level applications, candidates that possess strong academic standings, have an impressive record of extra-curricular participation as well as significant leadership traits will have better chances as it would showcase that they are competent all-rounders, which is necessary for those who want to work with Deloitte.

2. While academic excellence is a key aspect valued by employers when it comes to hiring fresh graduates and should in no way be compromised, how can a candidate, who at some point along the way slipped in their performance, compensate their less-than-excellent academic record and still stand a chance at being hired by Deloitte?

Academic excellence isn’t the only deciding factor in determining the success or failure of an applicant. Deloitte certainly places emphasis on other aspects of the candidate besides academic standings as mentioned in Question 1 – significant leadership roles held, be it through involvement in special projects or even volunteering work at university level would be added advantages to the applicant.

3. From an interviewer’s point of view, what are the key characteristics of an excellent interview candidate?

When interviewing a candidate, there are many aspects that we seek for the interview to be deemed successful. Firstly, punctuality of the candidate does matter as it shows commitment, and respect for the interviewer’s time. Attending the interview in professional attire suitable to the position applied is also important as it indicates professionalism and commitment to the industry.

Of course, the determining factor of a successful interview is essentially the exchange conversation between the interviewer and the candidate. During the interview, the candidate should not only successfully demonstrate the skill set needed for the position applied but needs to also display strong communication skills, clarity in his/her thought process as well as their level of confidence throughout the interview.

4. In regards to the values of Consistency, Leadership and Impact – How does Deloitte inculcate these values amongst its staff? How should our students work towards having these values in themselves?

Every Deloittian is ingrained with the Firm’s 2 main pillars which are the:

  • Deloitte Purpose and
  • Deloitte’s Shared Values

Globally, Deloitte is led by a sole purpose, which is to “make an impact that matters”. We are committed in our desire to make a positive, enduring impact every day for our organisation and its stakeholders through serving clients with quality and distinction, inspiring our people to deliver value, by contributing to society and its communities, and continuously challenging ourselves to do what matters most.

These Purpose-driven behaviors are guided by our network’s shared values :

  • Integrity
  • Outstanding value to markets and clients
  • Commitment to each other, and
  • Strength from cultural diversity.

These four Shared Values are what defines every Deloittian and they make us consistently strive to become the undisputed global leader in Professional services.

5. What sets Deloitte apart from the other firms as an employer?

1) One Deloitte for Southeast Asia

One thing that differentiates us from other firms is that we are an integral part of Deloitte Southeast Asia. Equivalently operating in 10 countries, we are one Deloitte for the Southeast Asia marketplace and clients reap the benefit of our combined pool of expertise and specialist skills. We share resources and support across the region and our people have better opportunities in being seconded to other countries. Similarly, there are 17 nationalities working in Deloitte Malaysia.


As a Southeast Asia firm, we are committed to making a holistic impact to the community together via IMPACT Day, a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) project that is conducted globally. In Southeast Asia, IMPACT Day takes place on the same day and for one whole day, Deloittians take time off from work to perform all sorts of charity work for various organizations.

Past CSR efforts by Deloitte Malaysia include more than 700 volunteers taking part in forest conservation with Friends of Kota Damansara (FoKD), collaborating with Teach For Malaysia (TFM) to induce leadership skills in school students, building animal shelters from scratch, repainting the walls of underprivileged homes and collaborating with Kechara Soup Kitchen to distribute food to the homeless at night.

3) Support for sports

As part of work-life balance, Deloitte is extremely passionate and competitive when it comes to sports. We have the annual Inter-Departmental Games, where Deloittians compete against each other in a variety of sports tournaments. There onwards, players are chosen to represent the Firm at the Inter-Accounting Firm Games (IAFG), an annual sporting event where professional firms compete for the coveted champion title. Our players tend to rank in the Top 3 for the various sporting tournaments that are held. Just recently, our Badminton team won first place.

To further showcase our commitment to sports – Last September, Deloitte Malaysia officially signed Badminton World Federation (BWF) Junior World Champion, 16-year old Goh Jin Wei to come onboard as a Brand Ambassador. This initiative is the first of its kind in the Big Four Accounting realm. We hope Jin Wei’s commitment to the sport will inspire Deloittians to continue striving towards greater achievements, both in their work and curricular activities.

4) Special Interest clubs

In addition to sports, we also have a variety of special interest clubs, further signifying the importance of a work-life balance. We have an active Running Club, Toastmasters Club, Photography Club and Gastronomy Club, on top of exclusive movie nights and year end parties.

Visit Deloitte‘s website to find out more.


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