You Got This

Dear students,

Here are some final advice for those who are taking the September exams (and for those who are not, start studying okay?)


Prof. Madya Faridah Ahmad

Before the exam :

Please make sure you go through short notes or summarized notes, past years questions & updated suggested answers, your trials exams Qs & answers.

Don’t worry about what you don’t know. Instead, focus on things that should know and know them thoroughly so that there will be no room for mistakes.

Going to the exam :

Be on time or come earlier so that you are not rushing or in a panic.

During the exam :

1. Read what the question requires.

2. Answer the questions accordingly.

3. DON’T write everything that you know about the topic.

4. Time yourself according to the allocated marks.


Dr. Faizal Yusof

The difference between a ‘pass‘ & a ‘fail‘ can simply be your willingness to make sacrifices & setting your priorities straight.

Suffer the pain of discipline now or suffer the pain of regret later. You can make that choice NOW & not later.

Study hard, pray hard & believe in miracles. Allah can make anything possible.

All the best to all ACCA students for these coming exams. Always remember that Allah is with you.

Lots of prayers from myself, Dr. Faizal.


Pn. Sharifah Fadzlon Abd. Hamid

Life is a matter of choices. Live well and it’ll never go wrong.

Once you replace negative thoughts with positive ones, you’ll start having positive results. 

Don’t think about how tiring this struggle is but think about the sweetness of success!



P/S: This will be our last post for a week. We gotta study too!


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