MotiTrain 2.0

by Ku Farah Syarina

On the 20th of August 2016, MotiTrain 2.0 was organized by 14Care.

Quick glossary:

14 Care – A sub-committee under APAcS that focuses on volunteerism and spiritual development
MotiTrain – short for Motivational Training. What’s it about? Read on!

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The objectives of MotiTrain 2.0 were to develop students’ skills in providing counseling and to enhance their self-development. The sessions were facilitated by our faculty’s counsellor, Puan Wan Noraini Wan Yusoff. A total of 44 students attended and participated in this programme.
After registration and a breakfast (in which, I, by the way, had the best teh tarik) we had an ice-breaking session where we introduced ourselves and shared with everyone the reason why we were there. Personally, I’m never a fan of these ice-breakers but Puan Noraini was very warm and motherly which helped me to actually speak comfortably.
That was when I knew the sessions afterwards were going to be good.

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During the first slot, ‘Let’s Get Together’, we were paired with a partner and were required to complete a number of tasks together. This activity taught us the importance of clarity in delivering instructions and extending information. We also learned that in conversations, it’s very important that we give our full attention to the other person. These are essential traits in developing effective communication skills.
The next slot was called ‘Success with Joy‘ where we were told to draw our dreams on a piece of paper. It could be anything – a huge mansion, our plans for the future, or even what we wished to have right then.
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Everybody then shared their dreams, how they planned to achieve them, and how they planned to overcome obstacles that may come in their ways. It was a somewhat intimate session, which I find interesting, but it was also motivating and inspiring listening to our friends sharing about their aspirations.
The slot ended with a photography session and a token of appreciation given to Puan Noraini by our Head of Department, Puan Normahiran Yatim.
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Participants had a good time spending their Saturday attending MotiTrain 2.0 and here are some of their feedbacks:
“I had a lot fun and I realised how important it is to develop an understanding among members in the team so that we can get along well to do our jobs. I never knew my friends had big dreams, dreams that they never shared with anyone. Through this, I got to know them better.” – Sabariah Mohd Samsudin
“I learned to improve my skills in delivering information to others as different people might interpret information given differently.” – Nordalili Abu Hasan
“I got to know how to deal with a person that has different thoughts and personalities, and how to maintain a good relationship among others.” – Siti Nur Zakirah Haziqah
“Based on the second session of MotiTrain, I learned that sometimes you can be inspired by someone else’s dreams, and vice versa so we indirectly help each other in creating and achieving our dreams.” – Nasyitah Solihah Mohd Shakri
“I personally got a better view on becoming a better speaker and listener. It automatically improves my confidence in speaking with others. This type of programme must be held more often because it will improve students in preparing for the real world outside.” – Muhammad Najmi bin Ismail


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