The Zeal of PwC

by Alya Jasmine

As a follow up from The PwC Preview Workshop, the winning team of the case study presentation had been given a special invitation to PwC’s HQ in KL, last Monday.

Here’s what we’d like to share with our fellow students of 14:

Honestly, I felt somewhat apprehensive. Probably because it was my first time setting foot at the PwC office, albeit planning to go there for quite a while.

Anyways, we were led to the café and it was just…cool. With its spacious interior and minimalistic design that incorporated the PwC colours, it gave me the impression of a high end café. Oh yes, the city view and natural light through the wall sized windows were great too.

As for the lunch itself, we were served one succulent dish each, accompanied by a glass of ice lemon tea.

Now, that wasn’t the main point that I intended to share with you.

Of course not.

The real takeaway points that I had gotten from having lunch with Mr Azizan, ASR Partner and Mr Taariq, Tax Executive Director are these :

1. Think long term and act accordingly lest you burn out because you thought that it was a 100m sprint.

2. Work on something you’re passionate about. It’ll never get old. It’s been a decade or two but they still spoke about Audit and Tax with fervor.

3. Know your weaknesses and strive to overcome them. In fact, a brilliant person would turn them around into their strengths.

Additionally, I’ve learnt how to socialize and mingle with future employers. I also gained a lot of input on how to be a good leader and how it feels to be in the corporate world. I really value this priceless experience – Aina Mardhiyyah, my team member.


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