My Experience Organising EOC – Arif Izzat

by Arif Izzat / EOC organizing committee member

During my final semester, I signed up to be a part of the organizing committee of the Entrepreneurship: Our Culture (EOC) event. I chose to be in Public Relations because I felt that it was the area that I could contribute best in, being someone who loves interacting with people.

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It was my first time in an APAcS ad-hoc organizing committee and initially, I decided to do it after realizing the importance of having extra-curricular activities on my CV. It was one of the things that I had learnt from a workshop conducted by KPMG.

During EOC, several activities were held including a pantun battle, an idea-pitching competition as well as an exhibition competition.

I was lucky to be assigned to manage the participants as I had the chance to reach out to students from other universities and invite them to join the competitions. I made contact with a lot of them and I found myself really enjoying it. It was also an opportunity for me to make new friends and most importantly, to practice communicating with people.

eoc participants
Some of the EOC participants from various learning institutions

Along the way, my team and I encountered several problems. We weren’t able to find enough participants and it was only a few days before the event. Most students we reached out to were not able to participate since it was held on a weekday. We sought help from the core committee and all of us sat down to have a brainstorming session. It felt great because everyone was helping us. It also made me realize how important teamwork is.

We came up with a solution and finally managed to reach the participation target. Phew, what a relief!

The night before the event itself, we had another issue. Unfortunately, one of the teams for the pantun competition couldn’t make it and we had to change the whole competition format. It was very challenging since we only had a few hours left before the competition.

Things may not have gone according to our original plan, but it’s always important to be ready for the unexpected to happen. It’s also very important to remain calm in any circumstances we encounter.

On the day of the event, I was in charge to manage the participants where I was basically attending to them and their needs from the moment they registered until the event was over. It really was something that I enjoyed doing and I was glad I chose to be in Public Relations.

One of the participants, Syahirah, shared her experience participating in EOC and this was what she wrote:

“On the day of the competition itself, we were greeted by friendly organizing committee members who were so hospitable, we felt like we were in a national competition or some sort. Our breakfast and lunch were well taken care of and our welfare was not taken lightly by the organizing committee who had asked us non-stop whether everything was fine and if we ever needed anything, they asked us to inform them. I’m giving an A+ to the organizing committee for taking care of us that day.”

Read the full article here.

It felt great to receive such appreciation from a participant and the success of EOC wouldn’t have been made possible without having everyone on the team to be diligently committed in playing their part.

Through organizing EOC, I found some of my strengths and learned the importance of team effort, discipline and determination, amongst others. I hope that the faculty and APAcS will continue to provide this opportunity for students to be involved in managing student development programmes and events since it’s an effective platform for us to brush up our soft skills, even a bit. This initiative is especially convenient for students who are keen to contribute on an ad-hoc basis.


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