APT Club – The Facts

Quick question.

Did you know these few things?

  1. Toastmasters International is globally recognized, much like ACCA and CIMA.
  2. It comes with designations, such as CC and CL and so forth.
  3. The highest title you can get is DTM – Distinguished Toastmaster.
  4. Upon request, Toastmasters International can send an official recognition letter to your employer.
  5. The Competent Communication module consists of 10 speeches, starting with The Ice Breaker and ending with Inspire Your Audience.
  6. The APT Club meetings are held once a week but not every week. Rest assured, we don’t meet during semester break and prior to exams.
  7.  Each meeting lasts for only two hours and each minute has been scheduled in the Meeting Agenda.
  8. Membership is renewed every 6 months and it can be transferred to other Toastmaster clubs according to your convenience.
  9. New clubs are mentored for at least 6 months. New members are assigned mentors as well, within the club.
  10. The executive committee attends a club officer training twice a year.


Do you have something you’d like to ask?

By all means, tweet us at @APTClub_14 🙂


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