PwC Preview

This event was a two-day programme with the intention of helping the 14 students to be ready for work.

Everything began with an exciting game of First Impressions that lit up the mood of the whole room, thus enabling the rest of the event to proceed in a more casual and relaxed manner. Still, the importance of what was to come had been kept in mind.

CV Clinic Session

The HR representatives from PwC shared countless tips and advice on how students can build a strong CV and perhaps beat/bypass the automated filtering system because in one year, they receive more than 10,000 CVs. Clearly one has to strive to stand out, yeah?

The first step was to present their resume to the HR representatives and be corrected on its structure and content. This session provided students with a thorough understanding on what employers are actually looking for in a CV as well as extra advice from experienced PwC recruiters in person.


What should you include in a CV?

  • Name – Full name as in your I/C not your nickname.
  • Email, Phone Number and Address – Make sure they’re the latest.
  • Career Objectives – Brief ones.
  • Academics – Reverse chronological order.
  • Work Experience – Describe your roles & responsibilities.
  • Volunteer Work/ Co-curricular Activities – Value added ones are best.
  • Awards and Achievements – The most significant ones.
  • Skills – Don’t include skills that are a given/too basic. Don’t grade your skills.
  • Hobbies/Interest – Employers don’t really hire robots so you must have interests or hobbies that are of benefit to yourself or others. If they’re relevant to the job you’re applying for, that’s better.

#Bonus tips :

  • Graphics in your CV aren’t really necessary. Focus more on making the content impactful!
  • Understand the company & customise your CV accordingly. Know which attributes they value the most.
  • Standardise your CV’s format & fonts. Make it clear & consistent.
  • References are more for experienced hires instead of fresh graduates. Simply put ‘Reference available upon request’. Don’t forget to ask permission from your referee!
  • Don’t fret if you don’t get called for an interview. You can still reapply after 6 months.


Phone Screening And Interview Workshop

They shared lots of stories that were quite intriguing and the students learned the dos and don’ts in the phone screening and interviewing session through a role-play activity. It was a great experience for the students as they were learning through application which especially caught the participants’ attention and enabled them to understand it more thoroughly.


  • Good ethics and positive attitude.
  • Keep calm and stay focused!
  • Ask for clarification if you don’t understand.
  • Be genuine & expect intellectual questions.
  • Portray a certain level of maturity.
  • Ask for a moment if you’re thinking of an answer.
  • If you’re busy, decline the phone call politely & ask to be called later when you’re free.
  • If you missed the phone call, do check with Google on whether it is your future employer & return the call.
  • Research the organization.
  • Don’t babble, don’t fidget, don’t frown and don’t slouch! Hold continuous eye contact with the interviewer.
  • Suitable hand gestures help channel your nervous energy. Practice these!
  • Mind your social etiquette (punctuality etc.)

Motivational Talk by an Executive Director in Tax of PwC, Mr. Taariq Murad

Mr. Taariq Murad is a UiTM alumni and he is unbelievably modest. The students had the golden opportunity to ask him about his career progress, his success and the stories behind it which were very inspirational.

#Tips :

  • Assess yourself now & be prepared!
  • Enhance your business acumen.
  • Gain a competitive advantage/edge.
  • Don’t waste time!
  • Networking is important.
  • Differences can make us stronger.
  • Always ask when in doubt but do your part first. Never expect handouts.
  • Be driven & find your niché.

When you work, don’t think about how difficult it is. Tell yourself that this is a part of the journey towards success and then, continue to persevere.

– Mr. Taariq Murad

Case Study and Presentation

The students were randomly divided into seven groups and they were given less than an hour to prepare a presentation. Mr. Taariq acted as a foreign investor so the objective was to convince and persuade him to invest in Malaysia.

This mini competition was held in order to enhance the critical thinking, communication as well as leadership skills of the students.

The winning team, Mavericks was prized with H&M gift cards for professional attire as well as a rare opportunity to have a private lunch with one of the PwC leaders/directors at their HQ office in Kuala Lumpur.


  • Structure of the presentation must have an opening, body and closing speech.
  • Non-disruptive presentation. One person needs to lead the team and guide the client through the presentation.
  • Technical knowledge and expertise. Stick to your comfort zone.
  • Relevant points only.
  • Application of technical knowledge.
  • Less fact-reading and more spoken elaborations. Engage with the client.
  • Be clear and concise.
  • Provide an executive summary.
  • Don’t avoid the question, answer it carefully and then slowly move back to your comfort zone.
  • Confidence is key, people!

Grooming Session

Here, the students have learnt how to dress professionally depending on the situation such as an interview, office attire and what to wear when meeting clients.

You see, the way we dress affects the perception others on our reliability; we need to be dressed professionally and appropriately as it only takes 3 seconds to form a first impression.

Also, the attire must be convenient for movement and applicants are encouraged to wear business colours (white, light blue & light grey). This is especially the case for men. For women, their attire is best kept within 3 colours and do ensure that the colours aren’t too bright/striking.
Throughout the two-day workshop, all students have bonded well with the energetic and friendly PwC representatives (Mr. Izuddin & Ms. Syerra; who are UiTM alumnus as well).

Suffice to say, the students didn’t regret sacrificing their weekend for PwC Preview. This event has taught the students a lot more than they expected. Thus, it is hoped that there would be more events like this for students to upgrade themselves and fully prepare for the ‘real’ world of business and finance.
Credits: Alya Jasmine, Nabilah Jalil and Tengku Nusaybah


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