APT Club – Our Stance

by Alya Jasmine, on behalf of APT Club

Our vision is simple yet quite powerful :

We want to be the best student­-led Toastmasters club in Malaysia.

Our mission ?

  • To establish a stable, solid and unique foundation for APTC to thrive & sustain its members.
  • To continuously produce CCs every semester.
  • To successfully organise speech contests.
  • To achieve Distinguished status every term.
  • To further broaden our horizon through collaborative efforts.


Here’s what we value the most :


These aforementioned info is the professional part, yeah ?
Personally, we just want to become the best we can be. You know, to improve and develop ourselves, continuously.

We want to be well prepared for those job interviews, business presentations and public speeches that we’re going to go through in the near future.

We want to spread positivity amongst ourselves and the entire community, because we uphold tolerance and acceptance.

After all, nobody is perfect.
Very cliché, I know but come on, we’re only human and we make mistakes. All of us do. There’s absolutely no reason for us to judge each other harshly, let alone to put each other down and make other people feel inferior to us.

In fact, the total opposite is true.

We want to rise up from where we are now, both individually and collectively.

We want to instill and enhance our self confidence levels.

We want to increase our communication skills, leadership skills and critical thinking skills because these are the basic must haves for us to go far in life and in our professional careers.

Deep down, we all want to become successful people in shaa Allah.

We simply have to work for it first. It’s going to be worth it, trust me.


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