APT Club – The Meetings

by Alya Jasmine, on behalf of APT Club

Life’s a journey
and this is our story.

Oh, where are my manners? Hi there! I hope this letter finds you well and in the pink of health.

Now, everything has to start somewhere. For us, it was room 1426. You know, one of our classes at our beloved menara SAAS?

It’s been the venue for so many meetings held by our club, The APAcS Toastmasters Club.

Once a week, around 7pm, the desks and chairs will be…relocated to form a­ U-shaped line. Why? To have a more conducive environment, of course! We don’t want it to even feel like a lecture, because it’s so not.

Well, go on, what is it then?

It’s a support group or as I like to see it, our very own Glee club. We just don’t sing and dance la. We’re professionals, after all.

We speak our minds.
We share ideas and stories.
We help each other to improve.
Wait one more, we have fun!

All of our meetings consist of these two:

  1. Table topics
  2. Prepared speeches

The former is an impromptu 2 minute speech that’s given out by the Topicsmaster, according to the meeting’s theme.

The latter is a non-­impromptu speech that’s between 5 to 7 minutes. It’s tailored to the Toastmasters module which serves as a guidance while the topic is totally up to the speaker.
You can speak about anything you want!

That’s it?

No la.
How can we improve without any positive feedback?

That’s why the 3rd part of the meeting is the evaluation session. There’s this thing called the Sandwich Method . The speech evaluator will basically tell you what they liked about your speech, followed by points of improvement (helpful, constructive criticism) and they’ll finish off with more things that they liked about your speech! Ain’t that brilliant?

Then, the General Evaluator and role players will give their respective reports:

  • Language Evaluator ­- The use of the word of the day and of the English language (good vocabulary, good phrases etc)
  • Ah ­ Counter ­- The number of word crutches or pause fillers (ah, er, um…etc)
  • Timekeeper ­- How long each session took up (time is priceless ; we try our best to not waste it)
  • General Evaluator ­- The overall flow of the meeting and basically, the general points of improvement!

Last but not least, the Toastmaster of the Evening (our host of the meeting) hands out awards to the two best speakers as voted by the members and guests (such democracy, no?)

The club President finally gives his brief closing address, pounds the gavel (a symbolic gesture to adjourn the meeting) and says with a big smile: Thank you for coming!

P/S: You know what the best part is? We conquer our fear of public speaking, together.


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