United We Stand, Divided We Fall

This year, we celebrate the 59th year of Merdeka. What does it mean to us? What’s a moderate Malaysia? Danial, Fahmi, Ariff, Amalia and Fazrul share their insightful answers.


The Zeal of PwC

As a follow up from The PwC Preview Workshop, the winning team of the case study presentation had been given a special invitation to PwC’s HQ. Read on to find out what they talked about over lunch.

Up Close & Professional: Nabilah Jalil (Part 2)

We interviewed Nabilah Jalil, ACCA’s P2 Prize Winner, and asked her about her top studying strategies and sources of motivation. Some of her answers are actually very interesting. Find out here!

How To Save 3 Lives

Don’t you want to leave a meaningful mark on this world? Read this for 5 simple steps to do so!

Up Close & Professional: Nabilah Jalil

Nabilah Jalil quickly became the pride of many, upon winning 1st in Malaysia and 6th worldwide for ACCA’s P2. In this video interview she shares her studying strategies and advice for her fellow friends.

My Experience Organising EOC – Arif Izzat

Students at Level 14 always have the opportunity to be involved in organizing student activities and events. Read on as Arif shares what it was like to be a part of the EOC organizing committee.

An Interview with Aiman Azlan (Part 1)

What are practical tips to improve in English speaking? How to deal with snide remarks from negative people? Aiman Azlan imparts some advice in this video interview.