KPMG Day – Key Takeaways

by Sarah Najwa / ACCA Student

During the KPMG Day organized by KPMG student ambassadors in April, HR representatives from KPMG shared with students useful points about resume writingjob interview and professionalism at work.

These are beneficial for students who are applying to work especially at KPMG.

For those who didn’t get the chance to be there, check out some of the key takeaways from the sessions:



    1. Use professional colours. Stick to a maximum of two colours such as black, blue or grey.
    2. Arial and Times New Roman are preferable.
    3. Mind your indents, bullets, bolding, etc.
    4. Write in simple and short sentences.


    1. Bio/Profile. What to include:
      • Name
      • Age
      • Mobile number (ONE mobile number only)
      • E-mail address
      • Photo – not necessary, but if you’re going to attach one, look professional in it!
    2. Academic background
      • Sort the content in the order of significance
      • Indicate your current progress (e.g. “completed 11 out of 14 ACCA exams”). For ACCA students, KPMG accepts applications from candidates who have at least completed 10 out of 14 exams.
    3. Achievements
      • Include your Dean’s List awards, significant roles in organizing committees, achievements in sports, etc. and sort them in the order of significance.
    4. Skills that would be advantageous:
      • Proficiency in relevant software such as audit/accounting software
      • Proficiency in a third language such as Japanese
    5. Avoid insignificant and irrelevant experiences such as charity work, working as a cashier, baking classes, etc.

Additional guidance

    1. Ask a lecturer/ reliable peer to review your resume
    2. Only furnish documents explicitly required by the recruiter.
    3. Attach documents in PDF, and sort them in the exact order stated by the recruiter.



    1. Dress in formal business attire. Avoid bright-coloured outfit and flashy accessories.
    2. Wear minimal make-up to enhance your features but don’t overdo it.
    3. Mind your posture and gestures. Avoid slouching, grumpy expressions and leg-shaking.
    4. Only sit if you’re told to.
    5. Smile!!!! And look them in the eyes.
    6. When introducing yourself, be relevant and avoid sharing information like “I have three siblings” or “my mother is a housewife” unless asked, as they could be insignificant.
    7. You may ask to have a minute to gather your thoughts before answering a question but don’t keep them waiting for too long.
    8. Be confident but don’t oversell yourself.
    9. Ask them questions too, to show that you’re actually interested in the job.




    1. Commitment is key. For example, show up early to work!
    2. Conflicts are bound to happen; being professional about them means not taking them to a personal level and understanding that they’re purely business and hence treating them as such.
    3. Keep improving on how you present yourself to people. Good networking goes a long way.



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