PwC’s Aspire to Lead Workshop

On April 21st, we had the special honour of being hosted by PwC for their Aspire to Lead workshop.


Days leading up to the workshop, students were already looking forward to spending their time gaining valuable inputs about transitioning from university to workplace from professional practitioners, as well as insights about PwC’s diversity and leadership initiatives.

True enough, the workshop, that consisted of a panel discussion, a video presentation and a sharing session, was a very insightful and beneficial event for the students.


Students enjoyed listening to Emilia, Albert and Shahliza sharing about the importance of confidence at work. They also learned about PwC’s diversity and women empowerment initiatives from Salika Suksuwan, Executive Director of Human Capital.

“Why would you have to give up your career ambitions just because you need to take care of your children? Those two aren’t mutually exclusive.” – Salika

The workshop ended with a photography session where students were photographed individually for a professional, PwC-standard photo that they could use for their CVs.


Enlightened, inspired and aspiring to lead, students left, looking forward to more opportunities to engage with industry professionals from especially a key player such as PwC.

Credits :

1. Farhan Faizal, student ambassador for PwC
2. Photos by PwC Malaysia


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