Industrial Visit – KPMG

by Nadiah Roslan / ACCA student

On the 13th of April, APAcS and the student ambassadors of KPMG organized a visit to KPMG’s HQ in Petaling Jaya.

Students were warmly greeted by representatives from the PPC department, followed by a presentation by their Manager. Although brief, it was an enlightening presentation where students learned about the culture at KPMG as well as career opportunities offered by KPMG.

We were also fortunate to have two alumni from UiTM to share about their experience working with KPMG. One of the speakers was Shahrizal Suhainy, a Senior Manager from the Audit P department.

Mr Shahrizal shared with us that audit is one of the best learning platforms to begin one’s career with and it would be a great profession for those who love challenges.

We also had the pleasure of listening to Nurul Azreen, a Manager from the Internal Audit Risk & Compliance Services department, talk about how she balanced her personal life and working life. We also learned from her that to survive in the working world, teamwork is of utmost importance. It was a rare opportunity to have an internal auditor with us, so I personally think the students gained a lot of knowledge from her sharing session.

Both speakers also shared with us memories from their university days and it was especially easy for us to connect with the stories, being from the same alma mater. They were a source of motivation for us students to work harder and not give up on our goals.

The session was followed by a tour around the facilities. It was an opportunity for us to have a glimpse of what an accounting practitioner’s day would be like.

We learned that especially during peak periods, auditors would not be at the office as often, as they would normally be out doing fieldwork at their respective clients’ offices.

We ended the visit with a short photography session.

Being professional accounting students, a visit to a Big 4 firm such as KPMG is very relevant and beneficial to us. Besides being an avenue for good networking between students and industry professionals, it also provides insights into how one of the best players in the industry run.

For more updates about collaborative initiatives between the faculty and KPMG, visit the student ambassadors for KPMG’s Twitter page here.


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