Stars Awaken

As part of APAcS’ initiative to develop students’ leadership skill, a workshop, “Stars Awaken”, was organized in April.

Areas covered included strategic planning, decision making, soft elements of leadership and other skills such as critical thinking and communication skills.

The one-day workshop was knowledge-packed but it was also both practical and interactive, conducted by two professional trainers. We asked for feedbacks from a few participants to get an insight on how they’ve benefitted from the workshop and here are what they had to say:

“Besides increasing participants’ confidence level in expressing their ideas, lessons learned from Stars Awaken were also an effective trigger for them to improve their communication and critical thinking skills.”

– Muhd Hasmirul, Project Director of Stars Awaken


“I learned a lot of useful inputs and theory models (such as Six Thinking Hats) which can come quite handy when making a decision.

Learning about different styles of leadership in great depth makes you ponder on the kind of leader that you’d want to become.You don’t have to copy someone else’s style of leadership, just be the leader you.

Seeing these people in person who had some phenomenal leadership experiences really motivates me to grow and develop professionally as a leader.”

– Nabilah Jalil, participant


“After joining Stars Awaken I am more confident to meet with new people and initiate conversations with them. It also gave me a beneficial perspective on work-life balance which I actually value a lot and look forward to having especially when I start working soon.”

– Muhammad Syafiq Izzuddin, participant

Good job, APAcS and the organizing committee for a leadership workshop well-organized. Here’s to developing students and helping each other to grow.

Follow APAcS on their social media accounts (@apacs14) and look out for posters at Level 14 (and yeah, elevator lobbies to catch more of these programmes.

Interview conducted by Elis


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