Our EOC Experience – Winner of Idea Pitching

by Syahirah Hanapiah
Student / Law Faculty / UiTM Shah Alam

I am not going to talk about our win because I personally think every idea that was presented on that day has their own advantages and benefits which can help this nation in the future. Everyone else’s goal was the same as ours, to help make the country a better and safer place, to spread awareness and to contribute and give back to society and I think it would not be fair to emphasize on the things that matter less but more on what we have learnt on that day.

What everyone outside the Law Faculty should know about our faculty is that, it is very small and wherever you go, you will see the exact same people you saw 3 minutes ago. Looking at the location of the faculty itself, everyone can agree that the Law Faculty is isolated from all the other faculties in UiTM. That is indeed, a fact. Hence why, we do not really know people from outside the faculty that much and we do not know how to communicate with anyone outside the faculty without being creepily random by saying ‘Hi’ to anyone we have come across with. You can say that we were already feeling bored with the campus life.

One day, the Entrepreneurship: Our Culture Program came up and Christopher (our team leader) got to know about it and invited the three of us to join him in the Idea-Pitching Competition. We had no idea how it will go but we agreed anyway because we thought it would not be wrong to join these sort of programs conducted by other faculties and it would be a good experience for us to learn from and surprisingly for us, it was fun getting to mingle around with people outside our own circle.

On the day of the competition itself, we were greeted by friendly committees that were so hospitable, we felt like we were in a national competition or some sort. Our breakfast and lunch were well taken care of and our welfare were not taken lightly by the committees who had non-stop asked us whether everything was fine and if we ever needed anything, they would make sure we will inform them. I’m giving an A+ to the committees for taking care of us that day.

Even though the program started not precisely according to schedule, but it went on smoothly without any hiccups. Everyone had to agree that the organizers really know how to keep the ball rolling smoothly. Throughout the whole presenting session, we got to see how this program actually exposed the ability of students outside our own faculty. We notice that they are as outspoken as we are and are innovative in different ways than us. It was definitely a good exposure seeing all the participants expressing and voicing out their ideas in their own ways to get their message delivered clearly across the floor.

About our MyCorazon mobile application idea. As the problems given to us are regarding the illegal organs trading and human trafficking, we figured that the best way to get the message and awareness across the majority of the population is to make it available and accessible for everyone. What better way than to make it available as a mobile application that would be accessible to anyone who owns a smartphone?

A brief introduction of the mobile application. MyCorazon is derived from the Spanish word ‘My Heart’. ‘My’ referring to the short form for Malaysia (which is basically the target audience of our idea) and Corazon in Spanish means, Heart. Hence, the name correlates with the awareness of organ donations.

We are suggesting that this application is made free for android and iOS users so that it would be accessible in any given phone. The application shall include health related features for example, food intakes data logging, tips on a healthier lifestyle, some features and articles on the advantages of organ donation which allow people to be informed of the status quo of the whole matter regarding organ donation and how it may reduce the number of illegal organ trading and human trafficking.

Initially, we thought about how people have trouble in getting access to these informations on how and where to do it. We have to admit that we are not only talking about other people, we realize the problem first hand because we ourselves, do not know where to start as well. Hence this application not only will help others but for ourselves too. If this idea were to succeed, it shall be a great platform for people to get access to information which shall benefit the society as a whole on so many levels. For example, an individual can learn new things from the information provided by the application, the public can access the pledging of donation form through this app and it will increase the supply of healthy organs over time.

Personally, I think the Entrepreneur Our Culture Program’s Idea-Pitching Competition is beneficial in so many ways. It is a great platform for students to think and create new innovative idea, encouraging students to be bold and have the courage to present their ideas in front of an audience, show off their ability to speak and present in English, sharpen their minds to think of new ideas that can help the society in the future as well as answering critical questions given by the panel of judges. Not only that, because participants were given a limited amount of time to prepare and to present, it came off as a form of training for us to work under pressure, prioritize our points on which to present and which to leave out and it train us to manage our time wisely while preparing and also presenting.

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset
EOC organizing committee and participants

I have to admit, the program has taught us a lot more than we expected. I hope there would be more programs like this for students of all faculties in UiTM to join and be a part of so that they could learn as much as we did. I am taking this opportunity to say Thank You and Kudos, to the organizers and working committees of the Entrepreneur Our Culture Program, the Faculty of Accountancy and everyone who was directly or indirectly involved in making the program a success. I hope we can be a part of more programs like this in the future.


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