Speak Up! Seminar

by Alya Jasmine / ACCA student

Have you ever wanted to do something but something else is right there, stopping you from going for it?


Have you ever wanted to say something but your voice gets caught in your throat? Your words echo in your mind, over and over again, trying to get out but they can’t.

The obstacle here could be a lot of things. One of them – fear. Taking a step forward out of your comfort zone is daunting for all of us, especially at first. You might even hear a voice in your head saying “You? Speaking English in front of people? Forget it. You’re not good enough”

Oh but you are! It doesn’t take perfect English to speak up and share your thoughts with the world. All you need is to be brave enough and just try.

This was what someone said during the seminar; Aiman Azlan had asked for two volunteers to come up on stage beside him. This girl, she got up from her seat and rose to the occasion. In front of nearly two hundred people, he asked her what she would like to say to the rest of the audience. She said:
“Just try”

The other volunteer, he surveyed the crowd in front of him with Aiman doing the same. Then he said :
“It’s not so bad”

I’m telling you,
if they can do it,
you can too!

According to Aiman, a person has four choices. You can either believe, ignore, argue or act. He said this generally but in more specific terms:

1. Believe in yourself.
2. Ignore the hateful people who judge you harshly.
3. Argue intelligently and kindly when there’s a difference of opinion between yourself and others.
4. Act upon what you say and apply your knowledge in your daily lives.

If you’re worried about making mistakes along the way, that’s okay. To err is human nature. What matters more is that we learn and we improve, slowly but surely. Otherwise, doing nothing will cause you to repeat your mistakes which is so not ideal, you know?

Aiman’s advice to be better at public speaking is to listen more and to read more. Through these two simple methods, you’ll learn about pronunciation, vocabulary, grammar, intonation and even accents!

When you practice speaking in English, it helps you so much and it turns into something that comes naturally. He also emphasised that speaking in English with and in front of people is more about confidence than skill.


Be the change that you wish to see in the world – Mahatma Gandhi.

This starts with yourself. Take charge of your own future because it depends on you. After all, the choice is yours.

P/S: You can do this. Speak up! 🙂


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